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Small Business Marketing executed by angry nerds. That’s FOE. Unfair marketing at its best.

We’re a small but aggressive digital shop located in Knoxville, TN with clients from Atlanta to Chicago, Puerto Vallarta to Vancouver. We provide small business marketing solutions that are not only affordable, they provide a high return on investment — sometimes very quickly — and give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

We channel our rage toward your competition. We give you an unfair advantage in the marketplace by using bleeding-edge digital technology no one else in Knoxville is using. We give you Google love so your products and services get the visibility they deserve. We earn your business glowing online reviews. Get your phone ringing more often. More feet through your door. People saying good things. You get the idea.

FOE is friendly to clients — we won’t sell our services to your competitors. If we’re working for one of your competitors, you’re out of luck.

Our digital marketing services get you more customers, more referrals, more traffic, more buzz… and money? We’ll save you thousands, and make you even more. If we don’t, we’ve failed.

Yes, we know our site sucks at the moment — it’s very much a work in progress that we piddle at when we’re not busy for a client — which means, hardly ever. The cobbler’s children have no shoes, as the expression goes.

Maybe you’ve learned the hard way that spending money on yellow-page type advertising (online or off) is a waste, that distributing coupons through “those companies” means a ton more work for you — often at a loss — and with nothing to show for it by the end of it all. Maybe you spent a ton of money on a website that gets no traffic. Or you have traffic that’s not turning into profits.

“There must be a better way,” you might have thought. And there is — you just found it.

Here’s what you will find here (eventually) for small business marketing:

And more…

Come back soon, we’ll tidy up a bit in the meantime!